Plenty of casino-goers are fans of 888casino for online entertainment (and a shot at striking it rich). But did you know that 888casino has a live casino element? Though you can play digital slots and other games on the site, there’s also Live Casino, where you can join real dealers who are in a real casino. Curious about how 888 Live Casino games work? Read on for all the details!

What is 888 Live Casino?

In short, 888 Live Casino is like walking into a real casino but doing it from home. If you’re familiar with online video chat tools like Zoom or Google Meets, that’s the idea behind the Live Casino feature on 888casino. 

You can join dealers and other players to partake in table games like roulette and craps. But you can also join games like Monopoly Live or Dream Catcher. Live games are available all the time, and 888 adds games constantly, too. 

How Are 888 Live Casino Games Different?

If you’ve played at online casinos before, you probably expect the same from 888casino. In my opinion, other online casinos can take a few hints from 888. Instead of having automated games, with computers and built-in algorithms, 888casino has real-live dealers in their online lounge.

888 live casino game selection menu

You won’t play against a computer, either. Instead, you’ll interact with the dealer at your table and have a more immersive experience than you would just push buttons. I like to choose the same dealer when I play because they sort of get to know me. It’s not the same as gambling in person, but it’s close enough for me!

How Does 888casino Live Casino Work?

When you click on the Live Casino tab, that constitutes entering the “lobby” of the casino. You’ll see a ton of still photos of dealers sitting at their game tables. This showcases what games are available and which dealers are working at them. 

888 live casino blackjack table view

The images frequently update, too, so you know who you’ll be joining when you “sit down” at a table. You can see at a glance which tables have a room available, and which ones are full. Some tables are marked as VIP spots, so you can enjoy exclusive gaming if you’re a special member of 888casino. 

Available Games in Live Casino

The lobby changes often, so your options will vary each time to enter the Live Casino. Overall, though, you’ll find open spots in games like:

  • Casino Hold’em
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat 
  • Three Card Poker
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Roulette
  • Other Poker Games
  • Game Shows
  • Elite Lounge tables

There’s no guarantee that a dealer will be available for the table game you want to play at any given time. However, 888casino promises to have colourful and broad choices available no matter when you want to play. I’ve found that they often have 20 or more games to choose from, though some of those are usually full when I log in.

888 live casino roulette table view

Dealers in Live Casino

Part of what’s so engaging about visiting a real-life casino is you get to know your dealers. It feels familiar when you walk in and sit down at a table. The good news is that 888casino knows that matters to players, which is why their Live Casino features many dealers who are regulars for the table games they run.

888 live casino poker table view

You can see the dealer’s name and interact with them while you play, just like you would in real life. Plus, 888casino promises that their dealers will always be friendly, professional, and interactive. I really like the Live Chat app because you can really chat with your dealer, much the way you would in real life.

If you like to gamble in person, you’ll appreciate the extra attention of the online dealers. If you like high stakes, you’ll enjoy it even more, because the Elite Lounge is where the top-rated dealers hang out.

Live Casino Bonuses

One of the perks of jumping into a table game is that you can earn live bonuses when you sign up and while you play. There are tons of bonuses for the live casino, and they often run for set hours. For example, there’s a daily Lucky 8 event that runs for one hour every evening (GMT time). 

Other bonuses might award you $750 in bonuses at 888Xtra tables at certain times, or check back for current promotions when you’re ready to log on.

What’s It Like to Play 888 Live Casino Games?

I know that if you’re new to the Live Casino format, it can feel kind of intimidating. Especially if you have had bad experiences with video chatting or conferences before, it can seem strange. But the dealers at 888casino are friendly and personable, so you have nothing to worry about!

888 live casino roulette table view

All you have to do is choose your game, pick a minimum bet, and begin. Plus, you have options for your view when joining or playing at a table game. Choose an Immersive View, the 3D View, or just Classic View. 

Live Casino Pit Boss

A new feature that I like is the Live Casino Pit Boss. Just like a real-life casino pit boss, the online pit boss helps out wherever they’re needed. You can receive bonuses from the Pit Boss, too, on top of the special offers you receive as a regular player or VIP at 888casino.

Some specific terms apply to the Live Casino Pit Boss offers, though. I like that there are guidelines for the feature because it feels even more like a real casino while I play. For example, the Pit Boss can offer immediate bonuses, but you can also get other bonuses that credit a bit later, and you can use your bonuses anytime within 90 days of receiving them.

I’ve also received Cashback Time while playing, which is another perk of the Pit Boss checking in on the games. What this means is you can earn back part of your net loss during a limited period. The Pit Boss starts the Cashback Time the same way they would on the regular casino floor: they place a Cashback Time sign and timer clock at your table. 

Rewards and Withdrawals

You can earn rewards and bonuses in the Live Casino the same as you would while playing in a brick-and-mortar building. The only catch is that deposits can take up to two hours to deposit in your account. For me, that’s not a problem, because online gaming is so flexible. 

If I don’t want to wait around for my bonus to deposit, I can always finish my current game and log on again later. You can’t do that in an in-person casino unless you want to spend a ton more money at the buffet while you wait!

888 live casino blackjack table view

Withdrawal rules are the same with Live Casino as they are with other 888casino games, which means there are limits sometimes. You can win thousands of dollars while playing online, but depending on the amount, you may have to take instalments of it. The ceiling is pretty high though; if you win more than $30,000, you can only take instalments of up to that amount at a time.

There are other general rules about withdrawals for 888casino, but just know that the same ones (and sometimes more) apply with the Live Casino, too. But more on that later!

What If You’re a VIP?

VIP status is always the goal when you frequent the same casino, so of course, I wanted to become a VIP at 888casino. One of the perks is that you can contact them directly when you have a question or concern. You can also send an email, and they get back to you within 24 hours.

Not everyone can become a VIP (it’s by invitation only) but the bottom line is the more you play, the better the odds (isn’t it always?). Anyway, if you’re a VIP at 888, those perks extend to the Live Casino experience, too, with more promotions, a Personal Account Manager, and more. 

888 Live Casino Games

You have plenty of choices for 888 Live Casino games, even though the dealers and wagers change throughout the day. When you log in to the Live Casino, you’ll see a menu across the top of the lobby page that shows your choices. Start with Top Games, or select a category to check out all these options. 

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Elite Lounge
  • Poker Games
  • Baccarat

Game Shows

Live Game Shows are a cool part of the online casino at 888casino. I like bright colours and decor because it means you can enjoy an immersive experience from home. While some other casinos might have boring online interfaces, 888casino makes an effort to have their live offerings be just as fun as in-person events.

888 live casino dream catcher game view

The Game Show category offers card and table alternatives like monopoly, wheels of fortune, and more. I like Crazy Time, but you can find your own favorite, complete with bonus rounds and surprise multipliers, next time you log on.

Live Casino App

Just like other offerings on 888casino, you can play via your smartphone, tablet, or any other device with iOS or Android. 

Pros & Cons of 888casino Live Casino

No online casino is perfect, but in my opinion, 888casino’s Live Casino comes close. Here are the pros and cons I think are relevant if you’re deciding whether to try it or not.


  • Get to know your dealer just like in a real casino.
  • You can earn bonuses and cashback during play.
  • Table games are open all the time, no matter what time zone you’re in.
  • The new Pit Boss feature gives you more chances to earn rewards and bonuses.


  • Some offers take time to load to my account; the official timeline is two hours from the time you receive the bonus or award.
  • Sometimes the tables are full, just like a real casino.

Bonuses and Promotions

You’ll find unique bonuses and promotions, plus Pit Boss specials, at 888 Live Casino. Check out my favourite promos below.

Pit Boss Sunday

For one thing, you can join games on Sundays and partake in the special Pit Boss Sunday. The event has cash prizes and special promotions, like Cashback Time, Blackjack Races, Double Win Side eds, and more. 

Elite Lounge

There’s also an Elite Lounge with high-stake Roulette and Blackjack tables, which makes me feel even more like I’m at an authentic casino. Here, you’ll find your favourite dealers, the top-ranked ones, and some cool rooms, too. You can choose from Opal or Pearl Blackjack and Ruby Roulette.

888 live casino blackjack table view

The service is also stellar. It’s a five-star experience with exclusive promotions and extra high limits. You’ll feel like a VIP here. And if you hang out in the Elite Lounge, you can also enjoy special promotions and cash prizes. 

Game Support in Live Casino

When you’re playing games in 888casino’s Live Casino, the Pit Boss walks the floor. That means you have some amount of in-game support while you play (not to mention the chance to win extra cash). 

But when it comes to technical support or if you’re having trouble getting into your game or cashing out your earnings, it’s a bit more complicated. Of course, learning to navigate the 888casino website and its rules is worth the effort — for me, at least! But if you want to talk to a person, it’s kind of hard to do.

888 live casino baccarat table view

There’s an online contact form you can send, but I usually check the FAQs for answers to my questions. That’s how I was able to figure out why my bonus wasn’t credited when I expected it. It turns out, it can take up to 72 hours to get your promo bonuses credited. It was easy to find that out through the help site, and I got back to playing while I waited for my bonus. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, my guide to 888 Live Casino sparked your interest. I love 888 Live Casino games because there’s always something new happening. Even though it’s online gaming, it doesn’t feel robotic. If you want a more personalized live casino experience, you can’t go wrong with 888 Live Casino.

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