888poker has a unique twist on the standard Lottery Sit & Go with their game BLAST Sit & Go (which they also call BLAST Poker). With an appealing prize pool that can include all players, and payouts up to 10,000 times the buy-in, lots of online players are flocking to the game.

I pulled up a seat and took a closer look at 888poker BLAST, including its features, potential payouts, site layout, and more. Is this game a blast — or a bust? Here’s what you need to know!

888poker blast poker guide screen

An Overview of 888Poker BLAST Poker

Sit & Go poker refers to any small poker tournament with no specific start time. Instead, they begin whenever the set number of players sit down at the (virtual) table. Essentially, the game is a super-fast version of a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, but now you’re always sitting at the “final” table. Players only have a few hands to claim the top position by knocking the other players out.

888poker blast tournament congratulations banner

A wide variety of different games are available within the basic Sit & Go structure. BLAST Poker is what’s called a Lottery or Jackpot Sit & Go game. The prize pool changes each game, determined by a random draw before the cards are dealt, and can range from two to 10,000 (!) times the buy-in.

Also (and this is important), BLAST poker games are timed. That’s a major difference from most other Sit & Go games you’ll find online. When the timer expires, the BLAST lightning graphic zips around the table, and every player automatically goes all-in with every hand until someone wins.

888poker blast tournament play screen

The length of the game is determined by the multiplier. Each goes through a set number of two-minute levels before the 888poker BLAST begins:

  • 2x and 5x games have three levels for a total game time of six minutes
  • The 10x game has four levels for a total of eight minutes
  • The 100x game has five levels and lasts 10 minutes
  • The 1,000x and 10,000x games each have six levels for a total of 12 minutes

Typically, most games have no more than one orbit per level. Players usually go all in before the Blast occurs, so winning strategies focus more on the fast-paced rounds instead of the forced all-ins after the Blast.

Main Features

What’s it like to play 888poker BLAST? Here’s a rundown on the main features, based on my personal playing experience:

Initial Setup

If you’ve read my reviews of other 888 games, you know I often find the platform’s casino home page cluttered and difficult to navigate, and that’s also the case here. Initially, the only way to find the link to the BLAST page is to scroll all the way to the bottom of 888poker’s home page. However, once you’ve downloaded the desktop version or app, BLAST is much easier to find. 

888poker blast account screen

Along those same lines, you have to download 888poker’s PC version or mobile app to play BLAST. It’s not supported by the no-download or web app version of the platform. While that won’t be an issue if you play on your own PC or phone, it might be a problem if you want to play at work or on a public computer.     

Buy-In Structure

The blind structure and prize pools are determined by the multiplier. For example, with a $100 buy-in, you have a one in one million chance of getting the 10,000 multiplier and the $1 million prize pool. Your odds of getting the double multiplier with the $200 prize pool are 462,172 in one million.

888poker blast tournament buy-in screen

Compare that to the smallest buy-in, which is 10¢. It has a one in one million chance of getting the 10,000 prize multiplier, which brings the prize pool to $1,000.

BLAST games are available with $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, $2, $1, and 10¢ buy-ins.   


Finding a game is easy.

The main BLAST screen shows you all available buy-in options. Simply select the one you want. A screen pops up to confirm what you’ll be charged. You can register for multiple tournaments at once, so you don’t have to go through the main menu for each game.

888poker blast tournament selection screen

Next, you’re put into the virtual waiting room to find two other players. I never had to wait more than a few minutes, and I played all different buy-ins across a wide range of times.

888poker blast play screen

Playing the game is loads of fun.

You and your playing partners “sit” around the virtual poker table. Everybody is represented by their own stylish cartoon avatar (you get to design your own). Your avatar is along the bottom of the screen, with the other two players on each side. Cards are shown both on the player and in the middle of the table.

888poker blast play screen

The total style is entertaining, uncluttered, and easy to read. My favourite part is the BLAST when a bolt of energy zips around the table frame. Is it totally necessary? Probably not, but it’s pretty cool.   

888poker Blast: Pros and Cons

888poker BLAST excels in many aspects but could also improve in certain ways. Here’s my summary of the game’s pros and cons:


  • Fast-paced, exciting games
  • Wide variety of buy-in options
  • Opportunity to win up to 10,000 times buy-in
  • Backed by 888casino, a trusted name in online gaming


  • Games limited to only three players
  • Extremely low odds of winning top prizes

Final Thoughts

Even though the game is based on Texas Hold ‘Em, Blast Poker has significant differences from a regular game of poker. But as long as you understand that, Lottery Sit & Go games can be loads of fun, and you can potentially win big money.

888 Blast Poker’s timed games offer a twist that helps keep the action moving. The BLAST platform is not only intuitive and easy to use, but it also has a delightful style. Finally, because it’s part of the 888 network, all financial transactions are handled effortlessly and securely

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