888poker SNAP poker is the fastest poker format you’d find by 888poker. 888poker designed the game to reduce waiting time, so decide not to watch after folding, they instantly move you to a new table. I enjoy how remarkably flexible it is, giving you the opportunity to play like your regular cash game or as a tournament. Plus, it has a mobile version that you can play on the go.

888poker snap play screen

The basic idea of the game is that you play more hands than you would in a regular cash game, and in my opinion, it is the most significant evolution of the online poker game since the sit-and-go tournament.

Since you don’t have to sit around the same table for a long time waiting for a decent hand, you can fold and move on. You would probably play about 3x more hands per hour in an 888 SNAP poker game than other cash games or tournaments with a similar structure, and that’s something.

888poker snap guide screen

How 888 SNAP Poker Works

In 888poker SNAP, there is no table selection. The game automatically places you among players who have all decided to enter the cash game or tournament. You’re randomly reseated at a separate table within a few minutes each time you fold.

888poker snap play screen

One thing I particularly enjoy about 888 SNAP poker is that you can SNAP fold out of turn within a few seconds, and you’ll be dealt a new hand with new opponents. Even more impressive is that other players on the table won’t see you fold until it’s your turn to act.

The “Fold and Watch” Option

The fold and watch option in 888 SNAP poker allows you to continue watching the action of the hand you recently folded even after moving to your new table.

To enable this option, click on the “Fold and Watch” button located on the left of the quick fold button or hold down shift while clicking on “SNAP fold” or “fold.”

888poker snap fold-watch menu

Once you click the “Fold and Watch” button, a new screen appears where you can watch the hand in observer mode. You can only observe one hand at a time. Once the hand is over, the current window closes. Clicking the fold and watch button again will open a new window with a new hand in front of you.

How to Join 888poker SNAP Games

You’ll find the 888poker SNAP tab on the right side of the 888poker main lobby screen. Click on it or drag it to access the 888 SNAP main lobby. You’ll find two sub-tabs under the 888poker SNAP tab with ‘Tournament’ or ‘Cash’ play options.

888poker snap tournament selection menu

To join a tournament, click on “SNAP Tournaments’ for a list of 888 SNAP tournaments available and open for registration. Choose one, buy-in, and enjoy the game.

888poker snap tournament menu

To buy-in to the 888 SNAP cash game option, click on ‘Cash Games’ and double-click on the pool name you’re interested in. Click on the ‘Join Game’ button to start playing.

888 SNAP Tournament Strategy Tips

I do not see any particular strategy you need to master for the 888 SNAP poker game. I believe 888poker SNAP is all about position. Most people will be folding a higher percentage of hands, but you can use your position to steal several pots. Here are a few tips that have helped me every time I’ve played the game.

  • Play as straightforward as possible – Since you’re unlikely to know who you’ll be facing in the next hand, I recommend that you play your poker game as straightforward as possible.
  • Study your opponents closely – 888 SNAP poker is a fast-paced game, no doubt, and taking notes of your opponent’s moves can be challenging. However, if you’re able to do it, you boost your chances of winning at the final table if a player you’re studying makes it that far.
  • Avoid playing too many other tables – With the nature of 888 SNAP poker, you’ll always be in new hands after folding. Every new hand you play will demand your attention and cause you to lose focus in the long run.
  • Don’t bluff too big or too often – When you bluff too often or too big, you may not be able to identify which of the other players will fall for it and who will not. You might get called and have no other choice than to stack off a large chunk of chips.
888poker snap tournament screen

How to Win at 888 SNAP Poker

Depending on your opponents’ level of experience, I have identified some tips to help you win the game of 888 SNAP poker.

I have observed that beginners are likely to perform tighter before the flop. They play more patiently, and they are careful not to make any desperate moves after the flop.

888poker snap play screen

The best technique for me in this scenario is two-fold and straightforward. First, I play for implied odds, and secondly, I play several pots in position.

Now that you know that newbie player are likely to play a tight range of hands, you should also play post accordingly. Beginner players cherish their top pair or overpair hands, and you can easily stack them off. Using this format means that a beginner who goes on tilt is likely to quickly lose lots of money.

If your opponents are experienced players, you can be sure that they know how vital ‘position’ is, and they steal more in late position. An experienced 888 SNAP poker player knows that others are folding instantly and can easily steal the blinds. They just wait for their turn and play post-flop in position or steal 1.5 big blinds.

888poker snap play screen

Since experienced players are likely to steal the blinds at every opportunity, you need an effective strategy against them. I would typically counter their play by defending the big blind wider while throwing in check-raises liberally or three bet before the flop.

I can assure you that it doesn’t matter how regularly the experienced players play; they cannot read opponents. Therefore, they are likely to play with caution and fold more under tough spots.

Final Thoughts

I play 888 SNAP poker mainly because it’s fast, and I can quickly play a few hands when I have some free minutes to spare. You also get to play more hands and win more money in doing so. You don’t need to worry about mastering any particular strategy. Just be sure to have the correct position and follow the tips earlier highlighted, and you’re good to go.

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